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Phil Cuttance

Phil Cuttance is designer / maker from New Zealand based in London.

He produces alot of geometric, textural and sometimes futuristic vases, lampshades candle holders etc. made sometimes for gift ideas or functional products. They are all Handmade and not 3D printed which is incredible for me because they also look very architectural.

Each object he produces apparently originates from a 100% hand-made mould. He cuts and folds all the moulds entirely by hand one mould can take days to make with a lot of patience once it is completed and folded into its final shape it can be used over a long period of time.

I was overwhelmed by the vases and candle holders he produces because the patterns create a beautiful maze that you lose yourself in. Also the unique shape and design, it makes your home, your candles or your light bulbs look extremely remarkable.

What I find useful and interesting is that he creates handmade objects even with some areas a little inaccurate but that shows how as a designer or an artist imperfection can be a way of demonstrating that you’re unique, special and creative. That’s gives me confidence in this project and being creative in general.

I’ve practiced the very practical basics of slip casting and mould making, assembling them and finding a function was very different because I have a chance to design something useful and interesting that works for everyone.



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Alexander Calder


Mobile c.1932
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