Part 2


WILDLIFE Final Designs

These two Geometry Nets are not to scale on this page but almost accurately demonstrate how the geometric shapes form. The first and probably the most significant outcome has a width of 97m, a height of 108mm and a length of 158mm. The second design has a width of 92mm, a height of 97mm and a length of 220mm. The photos here show how the Veneer wood gives the pieces a more natural apperance and would blend in perfectly in the garden.


I believe that a sharp design displays a strong and protective Birdhouse to keep preditors away, like cats.  It has a faceted representation to attract birds, I also like the way each side of the shape shows the bright sunlight and dark shadows, it varies at different angles.It has a cosy and enclosed space which is what these small birds need to be able to roost and breed.

I now have official measurements and would be able to produce a huge number birdboxes in different sizes depending on the species of birds. This design could also benefit other animals like cats, dogs (baskets); rabbits and guinea pigs (hutches) and even glass tanks for saltwater and freshwater fish.  The unusual and architectural looking shapes have pleased many people..they say to me in feedback that they give them a sense of satisfaction and each angle of these designs looks very unique.

They may not be able to fit or connect with each other but my bird houses need to be solitary objects, close but not on top of each other. But that does not mean they cannot be within a few feet, eg in a tree or on a garden wall surrounded by foliage. Blue tits usually start breeding around February so these bird boxes would be covered in a waterproof eco-friendly WoodShield Varnish on all sides apart from the entrance (the smell of the varnish would disturb them). I am pleased that the shapes can let the rain water slide down the back and sides of the exterior without disturbing the interior.




Arran gregory


Mirror Amur Leopard. 1/20.
Fibreglass, mirror, steel.
73 x 34 x 227cm.  2015